Is your home (and table) ready for 25 December? Take some festive inspiration from interior designer Louise Bradley, to ensure your Christmas is the most elegant yet - and discover how she'll be celebrating the big day in our final 'Cultural Christmas' interview of 2023.

Decor is a key component of Christmas, but how do we ensure our festive decorations look elegant and sophisticated?

To make sure that your Festive Decorations look elegant and sophisticated, plan out each aspect of the decorating process, starting with the colour scheme and how you'll group your decorations. The finishing touch is tying it all together with a cohesive style, like traditional, modern, or vintage. The polished, put-together vibe of one clean theme is hard to beat for that elegant and sophisticated feel. One of the easiest ways to level up is choosing a colour palette that says 'luxury'. Try earth tones like mossy greens and caramels. Richer, more muted shades make things feel more elegant than bright colours.

What’s your advice to create the perfect Christmas day tablescape?

Create a captivating centrepiece with festive foliage. One of the top Holiday Decorating trends 2023 is incorporating natural materials - moss, lichen-covered branches, curly willow, flowers. Height variation is important for table to look more organic.

Choose the perfect dinner set.

When you are creating an ambiance, the right lighting is critical in the dining room. The dinner table will have a very festive feel with candlelight. Light lifts the whole table as it flickers against the glassware and really brings the magic.

Add detail with runners and placemats.

As a rule of thumb, stick to a palette of two or three main colours and you’ll find it much easier to create a pulled-together scheme.

Looking ahead to 2024, what’s next for Louise Bradley Interior Design?

We at Louise Bradley are excited and looking forward to 2024. We will be launching new collections, with LB fabric collection kicking off in Spring. We have started many interesting projects which we will be happy to share very soon.

How will you be celebrating Christmas this year?

Christmas is always a time when to unwind and spend time with our friends and family.

And, finally, can you share your favourite Christmas tradition?

A Christmas-themed walk to admire the neighbourhood decorations or explore a nearby park adorned with festive lights.

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