Collectable whisky has played an important role in the business of Cultural Comms for the last decade. We are therefore delighted to announce a new chapter in the history of Chivas Brothers, as Longmorn introduces two unparalleled whisky releases: an 18-Year-Old and 22-Year-Old single malt.

Complementing these releases - and drawing on its 130-year history - is a fresh, elegant aesthetic, marking the beginning of a distinct era for the distillery.

Established in 1894, Longmorn stands as one of the few distilleries that has consistently produced exceptional single malt whisky throughout its history - from the Industrial Revolution to the digital age. Today, Longmorn is making a commitment to release only single malt whiskies matured for no less than 18 years, with these small-batch new releases becoming the foundations of Longmorn’s whisky portfolio.

Longmorn's role in shaping the world of whisky is inseparable from its history of innovators. Founder John Duff's determination and progressive vision connected Longmorn to the world with its own dedicated railway, whilst in 1919, Masataka Taketsura joined the distillery as an apprentice, later earning the title 'Founding Father' of Japanese whisky. Longmorn’s luxurious new packaging pays homage to this heritage, featuring vibrant golden arches representative of train tunnels and bridges, layered on a deep purple background.

"The addition of Longmorn into our portfolio draws on our deep experience across the luxury sector and the world of collectables.
"Today, our work launching Longmorn has seen us helping build a brand from the ground upwards. We are activating a global communications strategy inspired by Longmorn’s enduring legacy of 130 years - combining all we love about the worlds of whisky and culture."

Nina Plowman, Managing Partner at Cultural Communications

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