This December, Cultural Comms clients and friends are sharing their festive plans for the season - and how their brands and businesses are embracing 'the most wonderful time of the year.'

We begin the mini series with Edouard Cossy, the Global Director for Grand Siècle, Champagne Laurent-Perrier who discusses the Prestige Cuvée Grand Siècle Iteration No. 26 (surely the most festive way to toast the season), what's next for the brand, and how he'll be celebrating Christmas this year...

The festive season is typically a time for celebrations, and there are few things more celebratory than the Prestige Cuvée Grand Siècle Iteration No. 26, which was just named number one in the prestigious Suckling's Top 100 Wines in the World. Can you tell us what makes this Prestige Cuvée so special?

We are indeed very proud of this recognition that has put our Prestige Cuvée in the light among 39,000 wines being tasted by James Suckling. Grand Siècle is a unique concept among the finest Champagnes through the very visionary idea of recreating a quality that nature will never be able to create on its own: the perfect year. Bernard de Nonancourt’s vision was to reach an outstanding aromatic complexity while also maintaining a great freshness and youth through time. To give life to this result, various principles were implemented, such as crafting each iteration with three declared consecutive and complementary vintage years from the a selection of the best Grands Crus. When the first assemblage (Iteration n°1) was released in 1959, Laurent-Perrier was the first and only house to operate such a way for its Prestige Cuvée, when everyone was relying on the expression of a single vintage. Grand Siècle is special because it is different from the others, not only different but unique in its concept and style.

As an essential Christmas day tipple, what foods should we pair with the Prestige Cuvée Grand Siècle Iteration No. 26?

Luckily this wine pairs perfectly with various types of food across the seasons. Our favourite pairings to work with during winter are based on seasonal products such as chestnuts and mushrooms accompanying fishes and poultries. The motto for a good pairing is when food and wine support each other in perfect balance. I am currently practising some pairings at home around sweetbread, showing a great moment of delicacy and refinement. I also recently had an old Grand Siècle paired with aged cheese, which was a fantastic meditative experience when you realise how well Grand Siècle can age through time.  

Looking ahead to 2024, what’s next for Laurent-Perrier?

We will keep working on awareness development, distribution and education around Grand Siècle. Being limited in quantity requires the need to work under allocation for each market with care. 2024 will also be the year of new releases for Grand Siècle in Magnum formats. Since it takes more time for the 150cl to reach the right aromatic complexity, as well as the perfect balance between the vintages, we intentionally age them far longer than the bottles. It is always a special moment to see what a prolonged ageing in Magnum format will be giving in terms of expression. Grand Siècle Itération N°24 In Magnum will be released by next year, alongside the current release of the iteration N°26 in Bottle. We will also reveal, for the second time in the history of Grand Siècle, the very expected “Les Réserves” through the Iteration N°20 (composed of the vintages 1999, 1997, 1996 and aged for 22 years on lees in our cellars).

Finally, at the Laurent-Perrier Domaine in Tours-sur-Marne, an important renovation project is about to start. This is a milestone in the history of the house conducted by Jean-Michel Wilmotte who already designed the Grand Siècle Winery in 2012.

How will you be celebrating Christmas this year?

Surrounded by my family and, as we are quite numerous, this gathering time is always a very interesting blend of people and characters.

And, finally, can you share your favourite Christmas tradition?

Every year, and no matter what, everyone must arrive on 24 December for Christmas Eve. Obviously no one arrives at the same time, and there is this magic moment with the succession of arrivals as everyone shows different moods and energy. I like to observe what everyone is bringing to the moment, until we feel it’s the right time to open a Magnum of Champagne to celebrate the simple fact of being together.

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